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Accounting Sri Lanka


PEMCO can act as the accounts department of business enterprises and relieve the owners of the difficulties and problems associated with running and managing an accounts department of their own. The entity can keep to itself certain accounting functions they wish and outsource the rest. This is a full range accounting service from the source documents to final accounts. All accounting records from cashbooks to general ledger and other subsidiary records such as Sales Journals, VAT Registers, and Payroll can be maintained by PEMCO. This service will cover preparation of Sales Tax returns (VAT and NBT), EPF and ETF returns, BOI returns and any other statutory return pertaining to the client’s industry. Once engaged, the tasks and outputs can continuously be redefined as the entity grows and evolve.

Our services will not be limited to transaction processing. This service package is particularly geared towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and start-up companies. In most of the cases we use QuickBooks accounting software package for this service.

Even for a large enterprise, running an accounts department in-house can be costly and outsourcing provides a flexible and reliable alternative.



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PEMCO has the capacity to undertake / organize back office services for foreign companies especially in the sphere of accounting, auditing and taxation. The advantage to the foreign client is the access to a larger talent pool at economical prices. With the globalization of accounting and auditing standards, the gaps between countries in comprehending situations have become narrower. It is mainly the taxation that differs from country to country. Advances in communication technology has made the geographical distance not that important.

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