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Audit firm Sr lanka


We are looking forward to develop friendly relations with practicing accounting firms in the SAARC region and the world over. The benefits of such an arrangement include:

  • Exchange of professional literature and technical know-how
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Joint contributions to professional journals
  • Catering to cross-border needs of clients
  • Assisting clients with investment and trade information
  • Joint training and updating sessions
  • Regional and international meetings
  • Peer review

Most of those activities help professional development and image building rather than adding any immediate direct economic benefits Indirect economic benefits would accrue when clients’ find investment opportunities through this interrelationship. Some of the above activities would qualify for CPD/CPE provided the concurrence of the respective national institute is obtained.






There are hardly cash costs in this kind of arrangement and, if any, it will only be the participant’s own costs An example of such costs would be something like international travel and Accommodation for a meeting. Accommodation costs could also be kept at a reasonably low level as the host firm can maximize the value/price ratio. There will definitely be a time cost which will be more than compensated by the benefits attached to professional development and image building.

P.E. Mathew & Co.,
Chartered Accountants,
94, York Street,
Sri Lanka
Tel:+94 11 2422596, 2434474, 2431203

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        P.E. Mathew & Co.,
        Chartered Accountants,
        94, York Street,
        Sri Lanka

       Tel :+94 11 2422596, 2434474, 2431203
        Fax: +94 11 2431203

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