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Auditing Sri Lanka


Auditing, the core assurance service provided by accountants in public practice is gaining momentum and importance every day. Value addition from auditing and assurance services to business enterprises is ever increasing. This is so in a developing country like Sri Lanka too which is a lower middle income country according to World Bank classification. PEMCO keeps to the highest standards of the practice and closely follow national and international new developments in the profession. It is imperative to be up to date with regard to new knowledge, new approaches, changing emphasis, content rich and risk based audit programmes and procedures to pass the market test as well as the society’s acceptance test.

Auditing Sri Lanka



We have over the years proved to our clients that attachment of our name to their financial statements has made a distinct advantage and the value addition, recognition and benefits far outweighed the cost.

The assurance and credibility attached to the financial statements audited by us are the result of rigorous tests, well designed and comprehensive audit programmes and high levels of analytical and interpretive skills.

Our clientele comes from broad industry sectors.

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