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Our biggest strength is the competent and well experienced staff who handle all the professional services provided by the company. They take care of clients’ service requirements and are capable of handling any complex accounting or tax assignment.

Many among the senior staff have completed more than twenty years service in the firm and have exposure to all kinds of accounting and tax complexities which is an invaluable resource to any new client joining PEMCO .

All staff are keeping abreast of the latest developments through regular in house meetings and discussions as well as participating in seminars and conferences organized by professional institutions, Regulatory Agencies, Chambers of Commerce etc. Another frequently sought after effective line of being up to date is the access to modern knowledge, pronouncements and practices worldwide through latest publications in print and electronic media.

Company provides excellent training and career development opportunities to its staff. Contrary to the old perception of specializing in one area and linear set of steps along a single career path the perception of today’s youth is multidisciplinary and multiple avenue career paths. PEMCO’s environment is conducive to these current needs. Being a medium sized firm the staff member gets an opportunity to see the big picture quickly.

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The experience categories include bookkeeping, accounting, financial management, taxation, cost accounting, management accounting, internal auditing, management consulting, auditing and assurance services, special purpose reporting, systems analysis, implementing computer accounting packages etc.

Company maintains a staff library with up to date books on all relevant subjects and company prepared reading materials.  The trainee staff is allowed one working day per month for reading, studying and discussing pertinent professional literature at the company library.  They enjoy this unique opportunity in groups of around five .  They are required to make presentations (normally using Microsoft Power Point) on a relevant topic or issue they had come across during the previous three months.  They are allowed one working day every three months to prepare the presentations.

All trainee accountants are allowed fully paid study leave  ranging from 4 – 6 weeks for  examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. There are two such examinations per year.
The firm conducts at least two training and development programmes every year

We invest in training to help the staff keep their skills and knowledge current in the increasingly complex, fast-changing and technology driven world.

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        P.E. Mathew & Co.,
        Chartered Accountants,
        94, York Street,
        Sri Lanka

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